It's been a rough season for the Los Angeles Lakers, to say the least. The team has struggled down the stretch, despite starting the season off strong and even moving up to as far as the fourth place in the Western Conference by Christmas. Now the team is most likely going to miss the playoffs and they continue to lose games. Last night, the Lakers suffered another big loss, this time at the hands of the Denver Nuggets by a score of 115-99. The biggest story from the game was LeBron James surpassing Michael Jordan in points, while the second biggest story was Rajon Rondo's seating choices. Near the end of the game, he could be seen sitting in a vacant courtside seat amongst the fans, leaving his teammates behind.

After the game, Rondo was asked about why he was sitting there which garnered a dismissive response.

"I've done it like maybe eight, 10 times this year," Rondo said according to ESPN. "I don't know why it's a big deal now."

He explained that usually, the seats at the Staples Center are always full but because of the score, many fans got up and left which allowed him to take his spot.

The Lakers have bigger problems on their hands right now as they sit at a record of 30-35 and are 6.5 games back of a playoff spot.