Hip hop has harnessed the almighty power of the meme to slingshot not one but TWO songs to the top spot of the Billboard Hot 100: Rae Sremmurd's "Black Beatles," then Migos' "Bad and Boujee."

In this batch of "Bad and Boujee" memes, citizens of the internet have repurposed such quality television shows and films as Sid the Science KidMoonlight, and Fast & the Furious, as well as noted politicians Barack Obama and Bernie Sanders, in service of the Migos. The meme was so powerful that it birthed a sub-meme, propagated by Zach Fox, "When you're leaving the club and you hear Offset say 'you know....'"

Enjoy the memes. [Enjoy the first batch of "Bad and Boujee" memes here.]

And then John Mayer entered the fray: