Oakland Raiders wide receiver Antonio Brown actually practiced with the team on Tuesday. What's more, he was wearing a helmet!

Tonight's episode of Hard Knocks will dive further into AB's foot and helmet issues, which he says had him feeling "like I was enemy of the fucking state."

“The feet feeling a lot better,” Brown said in the trailer (H/T USA Today). “I’ve got great, new skin, got it all trimmed up. It’s been a journey, man, but I feel a lot better. Working with the NFL, getting the right equipment and I’ve been working hard on the side to get going and take care of the feet. I want to give it to my teammates and hopefully soon. Get out there and get to work. Too much noise right now. More work, less noise.

“I feel like I was enemy of the (expletive) state. (Expletive). Getting my (expletive) feet trimmed up. I’m on every channel: ‘AB is actually a good player. A really good player.’ And he’s a handsome-looking player, by the way. That’s all it is right there.”

Check out the trailer for the episode below.

Brown did file another grievance against the NFL earlier this week over his helmet issues, but it looks like he may finally be on the verge of a break through.

According to head coach Jon Gruden, AB wore a league-certified helmet during today's practice. Gruden noted the grievance is an important issue to the star wide receiver, but declared, "He’s all-in and ready to go." 

AB added the following message on twitter after today's practice: "Always turn a negative to a positive #Boomin"