Oh boy... If there ever was a way to destroy somebody with words while remaining cool, collected and as calm as ever, Rah Ali just accomplished that. The star's feud with Cardi B and her best friend Star Brim dates back several years, hitting its peak after a shoe was thrown at a 2018 NYFW party. Ali has been associated with Nicki Minaj but, in recent months, she's taken somewhat of a step back from her girl. These days, she's focusing on herself but that doesn't mean that the drama with Star and Cardi will just disappear. Shots were thrown recently by the opposing side and Rah Ali took the opportunity to address what was said, coming for both of them and making sure the message was clear.

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It's not uncommon to have to read between the lines when it comes to celebrity beef. Rah Ali ensured that there was nothing cryptic about her message though, attempting to tear down her two nemeses with class. Uploading a lengthy clip to her social media profiles, Rah had this to said about Cardi B and Star Brim:

"I called Brim a ‘bum’ because she is one. I’m not speaking to labels or materialistic things. I’m speaking to the quality of the individual, her intellect, character. You can’t have much to live for if you come home on parole and instead of focusing up, you worrying about making threats on behalf of a bitch that been out here in the world. [...] Cardi, you’re mentally incapacitated so I'm going to spell this all out for you with a PowerPoint presentation. You are bothered by everything. Before you got on, the same black people that you're cursing out are the same are the same ones that celebrated you and gave you the exposure that you needed."

Rah Ali went on to reference exact moments in Cardi B's career where she allegedly hung out with media types, attempting to control her own narrative by getting close to the people in charge of the gossip realm. 

Listen to the full statement below.

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