Raekwon is jumping into the wine and spirits game, with a brand new product called Licataa. The Wu-Tang legend jumped on Instagram yesterday to announce his new wine product with a boisterous message to his fans: "Happy to embark on this new journey I give you ....LICATAA wine ! Launch release NOV 16 .... GET READY !!!! 

The wine set to launch on November 16th can be viewed in a variety of angles upon his Instagram post. Swipe to the right, and you see the bottle held within an ice bucket in a fine dining establishment. Next Raekwon shows off the Licataa logo on a custom set of napkins. The subsequent pictures to the right, are more tailored to Raekwon's snazzy fit, which closely resembles the Licataa label in color. 

Amani Toomer who once starred for the New York Giants over a decade ago was in attendance for the Licataa launch, and he too uploaded an image of Raekwon in his svelte outfit, alongside a caption that read: What an honor to meet the hip-hop legend @raekwon da chef. Last night at the launch party for his adventure in the wine industry with @lacataa.

Best of luck to Raekwon with his new venture -- I hope he sends me a sampler!