Recently, Raekwon spoke about his past beef with Joe Budden, when Budden called out Method Man for being high on an “All-Time Rappers” list, and Meth and other members of Wu-Tang took exception with how the Slaughterhouse rapper went about it.   The Chef says there is no beef now, and in an interview with Vlad TV recalls how the situation unfolded, and how he felt in the middle between Joe and his Wu-Tang compatriot.  Rae also mentions the time members of the Wu went into Budden’s dressing room at Rock The Bells and settled the feud with a visibly “off” Joey B. 

Talking about his current feelings about the fellow New York rapper, Raekwon says he’s past it, “That wasn’t nothing...that was bird shit,” adding he has not seen Joey since, “nah I ain’t never seen ‘em...I wouldn’t steel on em, or act like I’m lookin for this nigga like he stole something or took something from me.”

Back when the tension was high between Meth and Budden, Rae felt caught in the middle because he was cool with other Slaughterhouse members, “I’m just caught up in the middle, but we in the same places, so I’m seein nigga...I tried to stay out of it, cause I knew them niggas that was around Joe...them niggas I respect...Royce...Crooked.”  He and Crook had collaborated around that time and it may have been to ease tensions between the crews, “Crooked gave me a bag of money just two weeks before that [for a feature verse]...of course it was used as a political move, cause that’s Joe’s crew

Now Method Man and Budden are on good terms, “They squashed it out, and I guess, everything is happily ever after.”  Describing how the scene went down at Rock The Bells, when Meth and people approached Joe, the Only Built For Cuban Linx rapper says the rapper was thrown off, “All I can say is, it was masterminded, he was off, sometimes you be was just all about you was down right there, you was off.”