It might be fair at this point to wonder whether Raekwon's charge can count as news, what with the multitude of cases pointing fingers every which way in today's music. Looks like where there is sampling involved, you've got to place the credit, or place the blame. 

The Wu Tang figure has taken the brunt of an uncredited, sped up sample on "The New Wu," a track off 2009's Only Built For Cuban Linx…Pt. 2. Although the song was technically credited under The Chef's project, the Clan are in this together. The song was produced by RZA, and it features Ghostface Killah and Method Man, and so all four artists face major potential hemmorages for copyright infringement. What music rights could possibly put so much leverage lover these four greats, you might ask? Those of The Magictones' 1971 hit "I've Changed," four measures of which have, to be fair, been changed greatly before being meshed into the Wu repertoire. The lawsuit claims that “These four measures have been sped up approximately 8.9%, making them last approximately 10 seconds and raising their key by one step from E minor to F# minor.” Technicalities aside, production ownership seems to be moving the cash, decades after the forgotten fact. More so-called news to come.