Wu-Tang Clan has had its ups and downs like any group will, especially with a diverse crew that has so many members, there are bound to be fights and bitterness towards each other at some point. Raekwon has spoken on the drama within the Clan before, and now with Vlad TV he opens up more about the going-ons within the crew.

Rae explained how beefs could have formed at the very start of Wu-Tang's formation, since everyone was from different spots around the city. He reveals how RZA overcame this as well. 

"When you dealin' with a cat like RZA, who got family all over and relationships," Raekwon explained, "RZA was over here, over there, so he pretty much knew everybody, but at the same time the people that he knew probably wasn't fond of us same time neither 'cause they didn't grow up with us. It's the same typical shit if you go to the hood and you go ten blocks away, niggas don't know you, niggas don't fuck with you, niggas will gun you if they feel like you in the way, so we always stayed on our side." 

Raekwon continued to discuss the formation of Wu-Tang, "So when RZA formed this alliance, the names that was brought to the table, it was definitely spoken on, like, 'yo, I don't really fuck with Ghost, he's a crook,' we tell it how it is, you know what I mean, but that doesn't mean he wasn't talented, and he wasn't a man of respect. But when RZA was the middle guy, it was almost like he did a Gotti move, he brought all the families to the table, and made niggas make amends,due to the fact of how we gon' move forward and get this money."

The Chef also spoke on U-God suing RZA back in 2008, "I looked at it like it was real. Like yo, it's business man. Don't take friendship and humbleness outta pocket because we doin' business. So at the end of the day, yeah, RZA was on the chopping board, a lot of niggas was like, 'yo, fuck that, I'ma deal with it this way,' other niggas coulda felt like this or whatever, but more importantly, niggas got to the bottom of what they needed to." 

The rapper says he stayed out of their problems, "For me, I didn't challenge that situation then, because I'm looking at a friend and I'm looking at business, like you know, it's fucked up, 'cause at the end of the day this is the man that helped me get out the streets. I'm never gunna suck a nigga off and say he did everything, but he's still a  boss."

Check out Raekwon's full interview below, and grab his new EP Lost Jewlry here.