With nearly 25 years in the rap game, Raekwon hasn't lost his spark one bit. He's constantly working on new music and he's maintained his legendary status while adapting to the times. In 2017, he dropped off The Wild which was met with high critical praise but it looks like he's back in the studio working on a new album.

Raekwon hit Instagram today to confirm that he's back in the studio working on his follow up to 2017's The Wild. ""SOMEBODY BETTA CALL THE FUCKING FIRE DEPT" ! New LP coming soon ( with a classic sticker on it ) remember I said it. ....futuristic heat !!!!!! Warning !!!!!" he wrote underneath his selfie. The rapper didn't reveal when we could expect the album but if he says it's coming soon, we'll hopefully get that at some point during the year. He also added a "#fromaoldhead" hashtag so he'll likely be taking it to the roots on this project.

Over the past several weeks, Raekwon's been dropping loose singles on a consistent basis. Raekwon kicked off the new year with two new singles, "The Sky" and the old school inspired, "The Classic." Shortly after, he followed those singles with his most recent effort "It's A Shame." While he hasn't indicated whether any of these efforts might be on his upcoming album, he definitely has something up his sleeve.

In 2017, Raekwon was on a heavy work grind. Along with releasing his own solo album, he joined forces with the rest of the Wu-Tang Clan members for their latest album, The Saga Continues.

Check his post below.