It's not often that the reclusive TDE rapper Kendrick Lamar tweets, so when he does, twittersphere pays attention. This was the case three days ago when K. Dot surreptitiously tweeted lyrics from Rae Sremmurd's album cut "Unlock The Swag." Basically, it meant Kendrick had been listening to the album and enjoying it, a definite co-sign for the fast-rising duo, at least for those who know the reference.

The simple tweet, "Unlock duh Shwag, Shwaa Unlock," has since been retweeted over 6,000 times. It was definitely not a bad way for Rae Sremmurd to start their day, especially considering it was the day their album dropped. Kendrick isn't alone in helping promote SremmLife on twitter (or any other social media platform for that matter). Artists like Chance The Rapper, Nas, Future, Nicki Minaj and more have all shown their support for the two brothers. We caught up with them the other day to find out how they've been feeling since their debut album dropped.

The duo spoke about seeing the plethora of tweets from fellow rappers in the game, expressing their excitement at all the love they've received.

"No matter who it is, I just be like, damn that's crazy. Cause we came from the mud, it just feel crazy," Swae Lee started. "Nas hit me inside of the head, when I seen that Nas did, that hit me inside of the head. When the God shout you out, man, you gotta respect that," continued Jimmy.

As for that Kendrick tweet, Swae Lee said, "That's crazy bro. That's like a big moment in history right there for us." As per usual, Slim Jimmy continued his train of thought, saying,  "I feel like I woke up at 4'oclock in the morning, and started hitting the punching bag."

"That's how he made the song, matter of fact," Swae Lee added. "Unlock the swag, [he] just did that, and then went in the booth and dropped the hook...It's basically turning your juice up, what everybody gotta do every day anyways, they gotta wake up, turn your juice up. Before you even wake up, you unlock the swag, then you wake up."

They cap off the interview by discussing rowdy female fans who ask to have their boobs autographed/put their hands down the rappers' pants. Watch it in full below.