DJ David Mueller claims that he did indeed touch Taylor Swift's rear end, though he maintains that the ass-to-hand contact was "accidental" and "harmless," reports TMZ.

He relayed his account of the incident by calling into Detroit's "Mojo in the Morning" show. Mueller is currently involved in a sexual assault lawsuit with Swift, who claims that the radio DJ put his hand up her skirt and touched her bare bottom while they posed for a photo together in 2013. The photo in question recently surfaced, showing Mueller with his right hand near Taylor's backside. Taylor maintains a smile in the picture, and it's difficult to tell if Mueller's hand is outside of her skirt or underneath it with direct bare-bottom contact. 

After the alleged assault, Taylor filed a complaint against Mueller, which caused him to lose his job. In turn, he sued the superstar singer for wrongly forcing him into unemployment, which eventually led to a counter-suit from Taylor, bringing forth charges of sexual assault. The current proceedings of the case are somewhat unclear, though it seems that Mueller will be arguing that there were zero sexual desires that compelled his hand to land nearby a forbidden area on Taylor's body.