The arrival of summer (finally!) also brings another Father's Day Sunday.

The annual Hallmark holiday, designed for showing love to the father figures in our lives (and not necessarily just those biological or male), floods our timelines and our inboxes alike each year. The hip-hop community is no exception to this. Year after year since the advent of social media, it's heartwarming to see rappers comment on how their children both changed their lives for the better and inspired their music in new and exciting ways.

As the next generation of hip-hop grows up in front of our eyes (and the next after that), it's incredible to watch the evolution of our favorite artists turning into devoted parents.

In celebration of all of the dope rap dads out there, we took a look at some of the most precious parenting moments that have gotten us in our feelings over the years.

Disclaimer: there's a lifetime to choose from and celebrate (and not to mention DJ Khaled's entire Instagram page qualifies), so please feel free to comment any we may have missed.