Questlove found himself in a weird situation at the top of the year when two men were fired from NBC and blamed him for it. Kurt Decker and Michael Cimino claimed they received a racist text message in a group chat and reported it to their NBC executives that led to them losing their job. They not only blamed The Roots musician, but they also sued him. 

"Not that I should have to RT this bullshucks but yeah....that time I got sued for being offended by racism," Quest tweeted, shooting down the rumours that he had anything to do with the two men leaving the company. "Racism is REAL and exists throughout the world and for these gentlemen to claim victim is not only disrespectful to Questlove and his bandmates but to all that truly endure racism on a daily basis," a representative for Questlove stated. 

According to Page Six, the lawsuit has officially been dropped "due to a collective bargaining agreement between their union and NBC."

Although the case has been dismissed, Kurt and Michael may still appeal the dismissal.  “We are going to push forward because we believe NBC wronged these employees regardless of color,” Steven Wittles, attorney for Kurt Decker and Michael Cimino stated. “It is about whether a company can fire employees for essentially receiving a text they had nothing to do with, and discriminate against those employees based on race.”