Rachel True starred in a 90's film entitled The Craft, alongside Neve Campbell, Fariuza Balk, and Robin Tunney. The cult classic was released in 1996 and since then, its stars have been indulging fans during appearances at Sci-Fi conventions and the like. The strange part lies in the fact that Rachel True has never actually been invited to attend these events with her colleagues, even though the part she played in the flic bore as much weight as theirs. True's tolerance for the flagrant exclusion recently reached a boiling point prompting the actress to put these conventions on blast via social media.

She took to Twitter to inform her following of the reason why they have yet to see her amongst her peers. "I think it’s interesting these conventions are booking Neve, Fairuza &, Robin all together, but excluding me. Sounds about white," she wrote."Kinda like the press junkets back in the day for the film."

She later recalled another scenario from which she was excluded: "This thread just made me rem the shitty feeling of watching the other 3 girls present that yr at the MTV movie awards while I sat in the audience despite having 2 movies coming out. These things aren’t the worst to suffer, but accumulated over the years are exhausting."

Her call out has paid off since all four cast members are now set to appear together at the Monster Mania convention in March.