R-Mean & Chris Webby Unite For A Positive Cause On "Babylon"

Mitch Findlay
December 03, 2018 16:09

R-Mean's "Mean Mondays" have returned, if temporarily.

It's been a minute since last year's "Mean Mondays" series, which found rapper R-Mean coming through on the weekly with some new music. Now, in honor of the tradition, R-Mean has dropped off some visuals for "Babylon," one of his most successful singles to date. 

The clip itself opens with an epigraph from Mahatma Gandhi: "the world has enough for everyone's need, but not for everyone's greed." Clearly, a tone is being set, in which topics like capitalism and political injustice are positioned to weigh heavy. On that note, the Rook-shot visuals intercut real-life footage of protests with Mean and Webby's meditative performances; though there is certainly a sociopolitical tone, rest assured that there's still time for Mean to spark a doobie atop a hill.

Webby slides through to contribute his two cents, determined to reclaim the "red-hat" imagery. He performs ably, vowing that he will continuously do his efforts to thwart Babylon and all they stand for. Check it out now.

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