It's been a strange few months for R. Kelly. Between accusations of holding women hostage in his home for the purpose of a sex cult to making fun of an autistic teen outside of a club in Los Angeles, R. Kelly's been facing a lot of heat. However, one of the homes where he allegedly held girls captive for his sex cult is now empty. Reports are saying that someone burglarized his Atlanta homes while he's been away on tour. 

TMZ reports that two of R. Kelly's homes have been completely wiped out from a burglary over Thanksgiving weekend. Police report that nearly everything, including his furniture and electronics, were stolen from both of his properties. However, their sources say detectives ended up catching three men leaving one of Kellz houses in a van and were later brought in for questioning. They told police they were hired by Alfonso Walker, one of R. Kelly's associates, to sell everything inside the home because he planned on permanently moving to Chicago.

R. Kelly's team revealed to authorities that Alfonso Walker was merely a part-time employee. The police later got a search warrant for Walker's home and ended up recovering some of Kelly's missing items. TMZ reports he gave three different accounts of how Kelly's stuff landed in his home.

He was told he had to turn himself into police on Tuesday but didn't end up doing so which has ultimately led to a warrant for his arrest.