Faith Rodgers is the 20-year-old woman is suing R. Kelly for giving her herpes when he sexually and mentally abused her during their year-long relationship. Faith has recently spoken publicly about her time with Kelly detailing how she first met him up until the dark moments of their relationship. "He was like, 'Here is my number. Take it. Text me a picture of you so I know it's you with your name," Faith said of when she first met the singer.

She admits that him being older was a red flag, but says that he's youthful when you're around him. "Even being around him, he doesn't act his age. You feel like, I'm chillin' with somebody I went to high school with," she said. Faith then detailed the first time Kelly and her had sex and how he intimidated her into getting naked. After the fact, he asked her age. "He asked me how old I was. And I told him… And he's like, 'You know, if you're really, you know, 16, that you can tell daddy, right?' ... And he was like, 'You know, you just look about 14, 15, or 16.'"

Faith who was 19 at the time is now going after Kelly for "sexual battery" and "willfully, deliberately and maliciously" infecting her with herpes, claiming the "Ignition "singer "mentally, sexually and verbally" abused her. Her interview details how he would lock her up for not agreeing to sexual acts and would film her nonconsensually. 

Watch a clip of her interview below.