TMZ has just learned that Joycelyn Savage is actually open to meeting with her parents, after breaking contact within the last couple of years. The trouble is, both R. Kelly's team (repping Joycelyn) and her parents (representing themselves for the most part) cannot agree on a fixed location. A few hurdles hang in the balance.

For starters, if R. Kelly wants to retain any control over the situation, the meeting would have to take place in Illinois, because he's not allowed to leave the state. On the other hand, The Savages seem willing to cover the distance but don't want to stray too far from Joycelyn's ailing grandmother whose residence lies on the outside.

The Savage's were the first party to set their guidelines before R. Kelly's team ever consented to the idea. According to the TMZ report, "a neutral location" is non-negotiable and was, ever since the idea of a meet-up was first implanted in their heads. Her parent's official stance on the matter was voiced by the family attorney Gerald Griggs.

For the record: no meeting has been arranged as of this moment, and by law, Griggs can't force the powers-to-be to make it happen. Kelly's own publicist ducked for cover when asked the same question.