In the ongoing saga that is R. Kelly and his many, many charges for sex abuse against minors, the latest story would probably make you feel sympathy if, well, it was anybody but R. Kelly going through it.

Photo by Antonio Perez - Pool via Getty Images

Kellz missed out on an important court date this week according to TMZ, but his reasoning surprisingly didn't involve anything that could be considered illegal or shady in the least. The disgraced former King of R&B actually had to undergo emergency surgery to repair his hernia, which saw him taken out of The Metropolitan Correctional Center of Chicago and transported to a hospital so doctors could operate. Reports say he was transferred right back to prison following the procedure. As The Chicago Sun-Times puts it, he's in so much pain that he can't even participate in prison basketball games. Again, it's really hard to feel bad for someone that's accused of such heinous crimes like keeping a sex cult filled with underaged girls and marrying Aaliyah when she was 15 years old. Good riddance, Kellz.

Here's a quick reminder from the first Surviving R. Kelly documentary in case you need any reminder of all the damage he's caused to some of these women: