In what's shaping up to be one of 2017's most bizarre stories, R Kelly's neighbors have officially weighed in on the "cult" allegations. After an elaborate report raised concerns that R. Kelly was holding women against their will in some sort of sex cult, many were quick to speak out against the singer. However, one of the alleged "hostages" claimed no wrongdoing,  despite her father's claims that she's suffering from Stockholm syndrome. Overall, this whole narrative seems lifted straight out of "Trapped In The Closet." 

In the latest development, TMZ reports  that R. Kelly's neighbors aren't pleased about the claims. Apparently, members of the gated community believed Kelly's crib was nothing more than a party house, where women would come and go on the regular. Kelly would appear from time to time, generally staying for less than a week, and as far as anybody knew the women were free to come and go as they pleased. 

As of now, the house has been vacant.