It's been known for a while that R. Kelly, and pretty much everyone that associates with him in 2020, is a dirtbag. This report solidifies that.

As the disgraced singer spends time behind bars for his involvement in multiple sexual assault and sex abuse crimes, awaiting trial, members of R. Kelly's entourage are finally being charged with crimes related to the artist.

It was reported that three men associating with the singer were charged this week and it looks like his manager was one of them.

According to several sources, Donnell Russell, Kelly's manager, has been charged for allegedly calling in a shooting threat at a movie theater that was showing Surviving R. Kelly, the docu-series about Kelly's abusive ways. 

He reportedly called the NeueHouse theater on December 4, 2018 and warned them that somebody was going to "shoot up" the theater if they went forward with the screening.

Chicago Police Department via Getty Images

"By the time of the threat call, guests had already arrived for the screening," explains the complaint. "Ultimately, the screening was canceled and guests were evacuated from the scene. No shooting ever occurred."

According to the report, Russell then worked with Kelly and another person to paint him as the victim in this situation. 

"Mr. Kelly is once again being targeted and accused of acts beyond his control. For months, we have watched as his name has been slandered, and women he once cared for deeply, as well as his family, have attempted to assassinate his character for their own financial gain," writes a statement that the trio had allegedly drafted out following the threatening call. 

The theater had welcomed a number of R. Kelly's alleged victims, which were in attendance when the screening was canceled. 

Antonio Perez - Pool via Getty Images

Russell was charged with trying to harass, intimidate, threaten or corruptly influence victims in Kelly’s racketeering case, as well as two other people in his entourage.