Who else is surprised that Chicago Police arrested Jussie Smollett for orchestrating his own attack before R. Kelly got sent to jail. Yesterday, it was reported that R. Kelly will be moving out of his Chicago music studio, which he previously used to craft a good number of his hit records. He is leaving on his own will after a curfew was imposed by the judge, not allowing Kelly to be in the building after 9:00 PM. He had previously violated building restrictions that clearly state that the space is not to be used as a residential building. In a statement made yesterday, the singer's attorney announced that his client would be moving out, comparing him to some of the most famous inventors and artists along the way.

"Thru the years, history has admired creativity," wrote Steve Greenberg. "Beethoven worked and wrote during the night. So did Freud, Tolstoy, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Edison, Elon Musk, and Churchill, amongst thousands of others." Greenberg went on to note that John Lennon used to spend 24 hours a day in bed while recording. One thing that's missing from his remarks: those people have not been accused of sexually assaulting countless minors.

The message is closed with a note that R. Kelly will continue to work on his upcoming album elsewhere. What do you think of his statement?

Michael Tullberg/Getty Images