R. Kelly's facing a ton of legal issues these days. He was recently charged with 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse which could lock him up for a very long time if he's convicted. However, he's also dealing with a lawsuit in Mississippi from a sheriff who claims R. Kelly ruined his marriage due to having an affair with the sheriff's wife. The judge who was on the case has now recused herself after the sheriff accused her of having prior knowledge of the affair.

Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

The Blast reports Circuit Judge Adrienne Wooten has granted Kenny Bryant’s motion to remove herself from the case after Bryant claimed Wooten was already savvy to Kelly's alleged affair with his wife. Bryant claimed that he had previously asked Wooten for legal advice before hiring his lawyer. He said he talked to Wooten who was still a lawyer at the time "to obtain advice on his marriage, the affair that his then-wife was having with R. Kelly, the likely divorce, and whether she would represent him in that divorce, and if he had a cause of action against R. Kelly.”

Bryant added that he shared details about his ex-wife and the lawsuit with Wooten. Wooten replaced the judge who was originally on the case in December after they retired during the pendency of the case.

Bryant said that a reasonable person might question Wooten's “impartiality in this matter" since they had prior conversations.