New reports suggest that R. Kelly's mounting financial issues during his current trial may soon be alleviated as unnamed industry contacts are allegedly putting together their resources to help the disgraced singer retain his defense attorney Tom Mesereau.

Last week it was reported that Kelly was seeking Mesereau's aid, well known for defending and acquitting accused murderer Robert Blake along with Michael Jackson in the same year. 

Scott Olson/Getty Images

In order to obtain Mesereau's defense through his supporters' backing, Kelly would have to first get rid of Steven Greenberg, his current attorney. When news first broke that Kelly was allegedly seeking Mesereau's defense, Greenberg denied the claims. Nevertheless, even with the recruitment of Mesereau, it would reportedly cost millions more in order to even build a credible defense with attorney Raed Shalabi likely joining the defense team with Mesereau.

In addition to being charged with sex crimes in Illinois, Kelly has also been indicted by the state of Montana while also being suspected of facing charges in Atlanta and Detroit. In addition to needing help with his attorney, R. Kelly's pockets were previously affected by his inability to pay a $100k bond paired with the time be spent in jail over $161k in back child support.