The backlash surrounding R. Kelly and his heavily-rumored sex cult of underage women has been real these last few months. As details have broken out about what some of the women claim to have survived while held captive at his home, the situation appears to have reached its crescendo today as Kells dropped a 19-minute song, pouring his heart out and keeping things real according to what he believes to be the truth. Touching on the sex cult, Aaliyah, illiteracy, Wendy Williams, his financial situation and more controversial topics that have made their way into the headlines over the years, fans weren't too sure how to react to the song.

Those who have had the time to listen to the full track have voiced their opinions on Twitter and other platforms, either speaking out in support of his bravery or denouncing him further for potentially digging his own grave. If you don't feel like listening to nearly 20 minutes of the man getting things off his chest, we've got you covered with the lyrics here. If you're down for it, you can peep the full song here

Some big personalities like Lil B and Talib Kweli have made their opinions clear about the new track, voicing their concerns or support among the thousands that have reacted. Below, we've collected some of the best responses to the new song.