As you must know by now, R. Kelly's career has virtually been wiped out with the slew of sexual assault charges against underage girls that he's currently facing. As of a few weeks ago, Kelly was arrested, and subsequently placed in police custody, and in solitary confinement at that. As the trials commenced, and Kelly could see that his fate was not going to end well, he pleaded with the judges for a chance at his freedom, promising to be on his best behaviour and even wear an ankle monitor so that they may be sure of his whereabouts at all times, if they allowed him bond. The judge refused however, and after being moved from Chicago to New York yesterday, where he was set to appear in trial, Kelly bizarrely disappeared (in shackles)! With even his attorney, Douglas Anton, alleging he has no idea where he is, it appears as though this was a very carefully devised plan on Kelly's part.


It seems his infamous girlfriends, Jocelyn Savage and Azriel Clary, had no idea of Kelly's intent though, (or else they did, but are just great actors), as the two could be seen leaving the court after attending the trial, and witnessing their boo's bond being denied. As The Blast reported, the two appeared to be tight-lipped and not in any kind of mood to talk to reporters.