There is no denying the hardships that Joycelyn Savage has been through the last few years. The only remaining girlfriend of disgraced singer R. Kelly, Savage has been making headlines as her former live-in partner Azriel Clary threatens to share details about the entertainer and how he treated both she and Savage. Azriel Clary is distancing herself from the drama, moving out of Chicago so she can focus on her music, but Joycelyn Savage is still very much connected to the R. Kelly saga. Many believe that she has been brainwashed by the singer, including her family who has been vocal since before the first instalment of Surviving R. Kelly aired. Her mother and sister are finding ways to show their support for Joy, adding some permanent ink to their bodies in honor of the 24-year-old, getting matching tattoos and showing them off online.

Jailyn Savage, the sister of Joycelyn Savage, posted a brand new photo alongside her mother to show off the fresh markings on their collarbones. The matching tattoos are of a rose with the stem spelling out "Pure Joy" in handwritten caligraphy. All that's left is for Joy to get her own to complete the trilogy.

Jai confirmed that the tats are to celebrate her sister's strength, writing: "I Am My Sisters Keeper Unconditionally. We Love you Joy!" Take a look at the ink below and let us know what you think in the comments.