People don't only have a bone to pick with R. Kelly; they're coming for anyone who associates with the controversial singer. The Chicago native is facing nearly a dozen charges of sexual misconduct, many of which are with minors. He recently spent a few days in jail, that is before he was bailed out by his mysterious "friend" named Valencia Love who paid his $100,000 bond. It was reported that Love also lives in the Chicago area and owns a number of businesses in and around the city, including one that's reportedly a daycare center. Love hasn't been shy with defending Kelly in the media, which didn't sit well with some.

In addition to criticizing Love on social media, there have been multiple people who have attempted to shut down her daycare business. "Saturday, multiple people called in a bomb threat to a daycare near W. 79th & Kedzie," Brad Edwards, a reporter for WBBM News tweeted. "The business is connected to the woman who posted R. Kelly’s $100k bond. PER CPD - 'No offender in custody. Bomb and arson cleared the scene. Area Central investigating.'"

According to TMZ, Love is listed as a "registered agent" of the daycare, however, it's also reported by the business and the Department of Children and Family services that Love isn't employed there. "Chicago PD just confirmed the details of the bomb scare to TMZ...saying multiple calls came in Saturday reporting a bomb threat, adding that the daycare center was evacuated. Luckily, no one was injured...but cops are still investigating."