The R. Kelly ordeal is worsening by the day. The shamed singer was recently accused of paying off his victims so they don't testify in his 2008 child pornography trial. And to add to the L's, the artist was hit with eleven new counts of sexual abuse charges last week which included 5 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse, 4 counts of aggravated criminal sexual assault and 3 counts of criminal sexual assault. Some of these charges carry a sentence of 30 years and as new evidence is unveiled, we can only expect for R. Kelly's case to only get worse. Moreover, recent reports by TMZ may confirm this as a prior employee of the singer reported that there were more child sex tapes.

According to trusted sources, R. Kelly used to film a lot of his sexual encounters with minors and keep them as trophies. It is now believed that these "trophies" are now in the hands of the feds. The ex-employee testified in front of a grand jury this past Thursday and claimed that the authorities were in possession of more tapes which showed the musician engaging in sexual acts with underaged girls. Additionally, the former worker stated Kelly had paid him loads of cash to not leak the tapes. He also alleges that all of R. Kelly's team knew about his penchant for underage girls, but instead of calling him out or reporting him, they helped him procure them. 

We expect more details on this very soon.