Lifetime recently aired their new documentary, Surviving R. Kelly which explores the horrific allegations against the singer. Over the years, more and more women have come forward with terrifying stories of enduring sexual abuse from Kellz. Even some of the people close to him have been speaking about things they've seen during their time with the singer. Demetrius Smith, R. Kelly's former tour manager, went on the "Domenick Nati Show" to detail his time with the singer in the early 90's.

George McGinn/Getty Images

Smith said that he met Kellz in 1985, before the success, and helped the singer launch his career. However, throughout the time he spent with Kellz, he clearly became savvy to some of the singer's manipulation tactics, especially towards younger girls. He alleged that Kelly left women in separate hotel rooms and didn't allow them to leave until he came back from being in the studio all night. "I don't know if he'd tell them to stay or make 'em stay, but the younger girls were the one he could control. The older women, [he] couldn't control. And those that he could control, he'd control," he said. 

Smith then began to detail how it wasn't only women who were subject to his manipulation, but men too. He revealed that Kelly would keep aspiring male artists sit around and wait for him. He didn't detail whether he'd use the young men for sex, but he did allege that Kellz tried to have sex with him before in the early 90's when he just signed to Jive.

"He got some freaky ways, I believe. He showed his ass to me, and I turned it down. I thought he was playing. As you look up and see shit now, he wasn't playing," he said. 

Adding, "I went out and met two girls. Brought them up, kicked it with them... After the girls left, Rob came in my room butt naked. I was like, 'What are you doing, man?' He walked over to the mirror, leaned over, and said, 'You want some of this? You know you want it.' I took it as a joke. I said, 'You little freak. I'm gonna get that.' I walked up behind him. He didn't move. I said, 'Get your ass out of here.' Left it at that. Nothing ever came of that."

Peep the interview below.