More than a few people were crying foul when they heard that R. Kelly walked away with $22 thousand after fulfilling a club gig in Springfield, Illinois over the weekend. While that may be so, his ex-wife Drea Kelly wasn't among the detractors calling for his gig privileges to be revoked.

A liaison representing Drea Kelly reached to TMZ to offer her family's take on his monetization efforts. As you'd expect, Drea wants her former husband and the father of her three children to bring home some bread for a change - enough to pay those outstanding alimony payments.

Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images

It was reported last week shortly after the event took place, that R. Kelly did, in fact, perform for the first time in months at a Springfield venue, where he was paid a flat sum of $22k for less than an hour's work (or 28 seconds depending on whom you ask).

"I got an event to do tonight in Springfield, Illinois," he could be heard pandering during his shortlived performance/appearance. "So, I want the media to take it easy on me, man. This is how I gotta get paid now. So, I gotta go do this event and it's a party. So, when you see me in the club with a couple of drinks in my hand and chilling, please take it easy."

While it isn't ill-advised to revoke the privileges of a known abuser, Drea is within her rights to make such claims. If you'll recall, R. Kelly was momentarily jailed in March after failing to produce a hefty $161K child support bill owed to Drea and his children.