Chicago police are still looking for some sort of evidence in order to prosecute R. Kelly, but they've yet to be successful. However, they might be inching closer. In Surviving R. Kelly, the singer was accused of using his recording studio to house alleged sex slaves. Police and city officials surrounded the industrial warehouse in order to determine whether it was being used as a residence.

Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

According to TMZ, Chicago PD pulled up to R. Kelly's recording studio in the Westside of Chicago earlier today with the Cook County Building and Zoning Department. However, it wasn't due to the allegations made in Surviving R. Kelly. The Building And Zoning Department's only reason for being there is because the building is strictly meant for industrial purposes. Police typically enter buildings with the Building and Zoning Department for issues like this. The publication indicates they didn't just enter his home because it's R. Kelly and the controversy surrounding his name.

Kellz is actually facing eviction from the studio because he owes $166K in rent which is due at the end of the month or else he gets booted. Many people believed that the police were at the building in order to arrest R. Kelly, but that wasn't the case. Since the docuseries aired, there have been protestors outside of the studio in support of the #MuteRKelly movement.