This year's been filled with strange revelations pertaining to R. Kelly's life. Between the alleged sex cult in his home to calling out an autistic kid for thinking he's on drugs, R. Kelly dug himself into a big hole in terms of his reputation. Last week, news broke that two of R. Kelly's Georgia homes were burglarized. At the time, the culprit was reported to be one of Kelly's part-time employees. Now, that same person has apparently turned himself in.

Alfonso Walker, who's allegedly responsible for ransacking R. Kelly's Atlanta homes, has turned himself into authorities, according to TMZ. They say the man is now facing charges of two counts of burglary, two counts of theft by taking and two counts of theft by deception from Johns Creek Police Department. Walker had an arrest warrant issued on him and was initially supposed to turn himself into police last Tuesday which didn't occur. Authorities said they were told Walker and his people were told by Kelly to clean out and sell all of the singer's belongings because he was gearing to move to Chicago. 

The burglary on R. Kelly's home occurred over Thanksgiving weekend but the singer was on tour. Over the weekend, he posted a series of videos and photos on his Instagram that showed the emptiness of his home at the time. He has also released a statement thanking Johns Creek Police Department for their help on the case.