R. Kelly isn't fairing for well in the public eye. Whatever good reputation he had left from enduring years of scrutiny and allegations has virtually vanished. The singer's alleged sex cult is at the center of his current tribulations, which he addressed in a lengthy confession song entitled "I Admit." In the process of coming clean of his shortcomings, R. Kelly also mentioned his brother's betrayal. In response, the estranged sibling is firing back with his own song.

Carey Killa Kelly made a whole track about all of the grossness that makes up R. Kelly's existence from his point of view. One notable lyric he included in the almost humourous musical tirade speaks on the singer's sexual preferences and digs at the accusations of his knowingly spreading venereal disease to sexual partners. 

“You see me, you get scared / you call the police / You gave them females some crazy disease / want you to know Momma not pleased / Tell me how them n*ggas that tight and you ain’t gotta wife / something smell fishy, what’s going on / what kinda man want to spend the night in a man home?”

R. Kelly's ex-wife also penned some lyrics for R. Kelly in response to his "I Admit." With all of these documented testimonies, it's a wonder why R. Kelly isn't in prison or alternatively, why his accusers are not being found guilty for defamation.