R. Kelly's trial has been underway over the past few weeks with numerous witness testimonies corroborating claims that he's a serial sexual abuser. While he has maintained his innocence, it doesn't seem like he will be providing any testimony in the current case. According to Fox News, Kelly has dodged the possibility of being cross-examined after declining to take the stand. "You don't want to testify, correct?" U.S. District Judge Ann Connelly asked the singer. He replied, "Yes ma'am."

Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images

Without taking the stand, Kelly's legal team will likely rest their case by Wednesday evening. Closing arguments are expected to proceed shortly after.

Though there have been numerous witnesses brought forth by the prosecutors, while the defense has largely relied on close friends and associates of Kelly. Many of them have said that they never witnessed any heinous sexual acts committed by R. Kelly

There have been a few odd moments during the trial. Yesterday, it was reported that one of the witnesses asked the judge if they were able to play their demo reel in court during the trial. The judge, obviously, declined. 

London On Da Track's mother, Cheryl Mack, previously worked for Kelly and testified that there were several instances that made her uncomfortable in regards to R. Kelly's dealings with women.

We'll keep you updated on more information regarding Kelly's trial.