Disgraced R&B singer R. Kelly is seeking permission to leave the country while he awaits trial, so he can join his enablers in the United Arab Emirates. The reason for his request: a series of prospective concert bookings in Dubai, according to information solicited by the Chicago Sun-Times.

Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images

At this critical juncture of the pre-trial, R. Kelly isn't even allowed to leave the state of Illinois, let alone leave the country. His lawyers are seeking unprecedented access on the grounds that he no longer possesses the capital to feed himself and the numerous dependents under his name. The infamous Steve Greenberg turned a copy over to the press, before passing it off in court this morning.

As a consequence of the #muteRKelly movement and the adjoining Lifetime documentary bearing the singer's name, many radio stations and concert bookers across the United States have barred him from garnering any proceeds from his music. “He needs to be able to work like anyone else who is free on bond, and the law needs to be adaptable,” Greenberg said, in building a compelling case for his client before a Cook County podium.

Since being jailed in February, and subsequently released on bond after a mystery donor arrived on the scene, Kelly has seen his bank account plummet to its all-time since becoming a public figure. The details pertaining to the concert bookings in Dubai remain unclear as of this writing, keep it locked.