In her first public address, R. Kelly's daughter Joann Kelly, under the chosen identity of "Buku," issued a statement, declaring herself devastated, yet emotionally indebted to her father. Since then, she visited Good Morning America to elaborate on the testimony provided by her mother. But the residual testimonies didn't stop there. 

Since airing her account of an abusive relationship in Lifetime's docu-series, R. Kelly survivor Asante McGee has offered the BBC an amended version of her two-year affair with the maligned singer, which resulted in her living in his Georgia residence. The BBC transcription relayed to Tobi Oredein covers much of the same ground as the interview that aired on Surviving R. Kelly, but in this detailed account, McGee offers further insight into the term "sex trainer" used by many of the alleged victims to come forward.

"I felt degraded by his actions and his desires... The hurt and pain didn't stop with sexual intimidation and emotional abuse. He was controlling. Once, he grabbed my arm for wearing the wrong shirt. He had rules that I and the other girls who lived with him or had a sexual relationship with him had to follow," she explained to Oredein in her BBC transcription.

The comprehensive timeline of Asante McGee alleged captivity under R. Kelly is available to read here.