R. Kelly is the latest celebrity inmate to urge the court to release him from prison because of the coronavirus pandemic. As cases have officially reached a higher number in the United States than in China and Italy, R. Kelly is starting to freak out about the global health crisis, pleading with a judge to release him from prison until his trial begins.

Despite being locked up for months, R. Kelly has still not faced trial. The disgraced singer has not been sentenced in relation to his sexual crimes and, as we await that time to come, he is looking to spend the remainder of his waiting time in the comfort of his own home.

R. Kelly's fear of catching COVID-19 is reportedly the main argument in the singer's latest plea with the judge for an early release from prison. His attorney Steve Greenberg filed an appeal on Thursday (March 26) noting that the 53-year-old criminal is at major risk of being infected with the coronavirus if he remains in Chicago MCC.

R. Kelly Coronavirus prison
Cook County Sheriff’s Office via Getty Images

"No matter what steps they take the sanitation will be substandard, the risk of an internal pandemic at the MCC is great," wrote Greenberg.

According to him, social distancing is nearly impossible at the prison, and soap is only available to inmates who can afford it at the commissary. 

Kelly reportedly wants out on bond, agreeing to remain on house arrest with an ankle monitor activated until his trial begins. If he does get released, he would allegedly go live with his girlfriend Joycelyn Savage at his Chicago condo.

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