R. Kelly has been named by fans consistently as they engaged in the debate over which male artist currently sits on the throne in the realm of R&B. The "Trapped in The Closet" singer has now come out to speak on his own behalf. The OG maintains some haughtiness, commenting on the subject with very few words.

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

First, the infamous artist uploaded an image of himself sitting on a golden throne, smiling with a mic in his hands. He captioned his post with a hashtag, "born for this." Then, he opted to let his fans demonstrate how revered he is as an entertainer with a clip of himself stepping out of a building onto a path crowded by admirers. The people sustain their screams and cheers as he makes his way to a vehicle.

The video is a response to Tank's inclusion of "undisputed" international appeal in his set of prerequisites for royalty. Since the clip captured his fans in South Africa, R. Kelly has proven his global fame. R. Kelly was tapped to produce the tournament's anthem. Peep the clip below.

Of course, the 2010 FIFA world cup happened almost a decade ago, but no other artist has come through with receipts signifying this kind of success. Also, Youtube users are still interacting with the video to this day, according to its comments section.