R. Kelly, by all accounts, has had a rough year. His ticket sales at the various tour stops he's made in recent months have been down, most because of his various bad PR stunts. Those included allegedly making fun of an autistic fan after one of his shows, an act that the fan's family is now suing the singer over. Then, of course there's the whole business about Kelly supposedly running an abusive sex cult out of his Atlanta mansion.

The most recent blow to Kelly's reputation was that he was the victim of a high-stakes burglary while he was on the road, with two of his ATL properties getting hit. He recently took to Instagram to showcase the damage that was done and, when he says the thieves took everything, the "Ignition" crooner means it.

Sighing heavily on multiple occasions, the R&B star shared images of an empty living room with fans, as well as a laundry room without appliances, and instead, with his clothes piled in an unruly heap in the middle of the floor. Other rooms in his home looked to have been thoroughly ransacked, with the criminals leaving barely anything to come back to. In one of the video uploads, Kelly mentioned that this is the sort of thing that happens when you let people "get close" to you, though he didn't elaborate to the point of calling anyone out. 

Kelly ended the first video clip by saying that he's keeping his head held high and staying focused on finishing his new album.