While R. Kelly's dropped several incredible pieces of music throughout his career, he's also been faced with many controversies including several accusations of sexual misconduct. Most recently, the rapper was accused of grooming a fourteen year old girl with the purposes of having her as his sex pet. He's vehemently denied any wrong doing and recently, he shared a statement pertaining to the allegations.

R. Kelly shared a statement with Metro.UK over the weekend about the recent sexual misconduct allegations he's been facing. Their source claims that Bill Cosby's recent conviction made R. Kelly "sent over the edge." However, he recently shared a statement with the publication and said that people should wait until the truth comes out. He said he can't speak on the "false allegations" against him but he did share his thoughts on the scenario.

"I will say that I am infuriated, and I am heartbroken by the false claims against me. These accusations being perpetuated by the media is an attempt to distort my character and to destroy my legacy that I have worked so hard to build... These allegations have created a character of me that is not the truth of who I am nor what I am about." He said to them. 

He continued, "The women in my life are consenting adults and they with me on their free will. I am a God-fearing man, a son, a brother, and most importantly a father. The media has dissected and manipulated these false allegations to reach their own conclusions about me and what I do in my personal life.... I ask that you wait for the truth to be revealed, before you condemn me, we live in a society where you are prejudged before knowing all the facts or truths. I believe “Our greatest advertise comes from our biggest triumphs.”

As previously reported, his publicist, lawyer and assistant had left his side after the documentary surfaced on the web. The report also claims that a source close to him has said he's gone "paranoid" due to the media coverage. In addition, they claim that he's not handling the media's criticism well due the the lack of proper legal representation of a publicist. Peep the full statement here