R. Kelly's alleged non-disclosure agreement for his sexual partners was acquired by The Blastand the specifics are as vague and questionable as you would assume. This entire R. Kelly discussion began after Lifetime aired their docuseries Surviving R. Kelly, which became a nationwide wakeup call and sensation. Collaborators and former friends of Kelly began to turn their backs on him, and his pending criminal investigations are looming close to home. The new discovery of what is alleged to be Kelly's NDA may only damage the R&B singer's legacy even further. 

According to The Blast, every page of the NDA  is copyrighted by RSK Enterprises, R. Kelly’s management company. Once signed, the alleged partner becomes “a privileged member of Robert Kelly’s (‘Mr Kelly’) team (the ‘Team’), which may allow me to access privileged and/or confidential and/or proprietary information only available to trusted members of Mr. Kelly related enterprises (the ‘Opportunities’).” There are seven areas that explain the confidential information that cannot be disclosed once signing the NDA. They are:

  1. "The premise and concept of his intellectual property
  2. Mr. Kelly’s business and private life
  3. The business activities of the Company and/or Mr. Kelly
  4. The Company’s employment practices or policies
  5. 'The activities occurring in connection with the Opportunities'
  6. Ideas, concepts or business plans disclosed by the company
  7. 'The outcome of the Opportunity'"

The vague references to opportunity, activities occurring in conjunction with them, and a mysterious outcome all sound suspicious. The new signee is also restricted from talking about any of the confidential information “other team members and/or officers of the Company except where there is a specific reason to know.” Check out the agreement here.