In December of last year, a man began to pursue legal action against R. Kelly for allegedly sleeping with his wife and ruining his marriage. Although the man revealed plans that he wants to depose Kellz about the incident, the singer has no intention of being questioned under oath, The Blast reports.

R. Kelly is arguing against being deposed in the lawsuit where he's accused of ruining a Sheriff Kenny Bryant's marriage by allegedly sleeping with the man's wife. The videotaped deposition was supposed to take place on November 11th, but Kelly stated that there are other pending motions that should be ruled before he is deposed by the sheriff. 

Bryant already gave R. Kelly notice that he would be deposed in Mississippi at his lawyer's office and stated that the deposition will be “continuing day to day until completed.” Mississippi is one of the few states where one could sue someone else for ruining or breaking up a marriage.

Bryant accused R. Kelly of having a five-year affair with his wife and even claimed the singer gave his wife Chlamydia during their time. However, Kelly denies having an affair with Bryant's wife at all. Bryant is now seeking damages from Kelly for ruining his marriage and depriving him of his spouse, love, support and conjugal affection. Bryant said that he suffered from emotional, psychological and financial loss.