I cannot believe that I'm writing an article about how R. Kelly missed a court hearing because of his toenails. What has this come to? The disgraced singer has been criticized for decades, accused by dozens of women of sexual assault, rape, and misconduct on many other levels. He has allegedly held underage girls captive in his home as supposed "sex slaves" and right now, he's waiting for several of his trials to begin. It seems like every other day, Kelly is due to appear in court for something pertaining to his sex crimes or his child support drama. This morning was no different. However, he didn't show up before the judge because, well... because of his toenails.

Chicago Police Department via Getty Images

Ladies and gentlemen, you are reading this correctly. According to TMZ, Kelly's lawyer explained that his client was unable to make it to court this morning in Chicago because he required surgery on his toenail, which had become infected. The singer apparently needed to have his nail removed and is now in a walking boot but he was afraid that someone would step on his toes, causing him immense pain. Kelly's next court hearing in the Chicago case is in February.

As of now, his recovery from toenail surgery is unclear. This is the weirdest court case I've ever followed...

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