It's been a hectic morning for anybody following the R. Kelly case. For the last year, we've been following the disgraced entertainer as he attends court date after court date, pleading not guilty to a number of crimes he allegedly committed. At this point, it's difficult to keep count of everything that the singer has been charged with. However, all of his alleged crimes are pretty horrible. He maintains the fact that he did not do anything he's being accused of and that continued today when he entered a not guilty plea for his sex trafficking charges in New York.

Scott Olson/Getty Images

According to Complex, R. Kelly was in court this morning after his lawyer failed to find him. He had been transported on a plane from Chicago to New York City but when he landed, his attorney was not informed of his whereabouts and said he had "vanished." It appears as though the man was eventually found because now, we're learning that he was denied bail after pleading not guilty.

R. Kelly is still on trial in Chicago, where he faces a long time in prison for his alleged sex crimes against young girls. We will continue to keep an eye on the case and provide you with any available updates.

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