It looks like years of alleged sex crimes are finally beginning to catch up to R. KellySurviving R. Kelly put a massive spotlight on allegations of sexual abuse over the years which prompted authorities to intervene. While Chicago police decided not to conduct an investigation immediately after the docuseries aired, they did ask for eyewitnesses and victims to come forward with stories. Now, Chicago police have ordered the singer to allow them to inspect his studio in the Westside of Chicago which is also where he reportedly housed his alleged sex slaves.

Scott Olson/Getty Images

According to Chicago Sun-Times, a Chicago judge honored the city's request to search Kellz' recording studio. The inspection is set to take place on Jan. 16th at noon. Kelly's lawyer initially asked the judge to give them 30 days to comply which clearly wasn't granted. The judge's decision comes just a day after the city filed an emergency motion asking for access to the building. The city's attorney believe the building is being used illegally as a recording studio and living space even though the property is only being zoned for industrial use. 

“Upon information and belief it is being used as a residence and artist workspace — specifically as a recording studio in violation of the zoning law,” city attorneys said.

The lawyer for the property managers claimed that they didn't have access to the building. 

The city's request to inspect the studio also comes a few days after another judge ordered for Kelly's eviction from the unit. Midwest Commercial Funding took a win in the case after they claimed the singer owned them $80K in back rent.