Things aren’t going too good for R. Kelly these days. After being hit with another lawsuit recently for sexual misconduct, the Chicago singer has now lost out on a possible $100,000 lawsuit after two of his lawyers withdrew from the case and failed to show up in a Chicago federal courtroom last week.

R. Kelly filed the lawsuit last year against a Georgia concert venue after failing to get paid for his performance. The suit was filed by Kelly's management company, RSK Enterprises, claiming breach of contract against Georgia's Macon Coliseum-operator Comcast Spectacor. The case alleged that Comcast Spectacor never wired Kelly's $100,000 owed for a performance he delivered, which the Chicago singer sought out after plus damages.

Kelly was reportedly “warned that any future failures to appear may subject this case to a dismissal for want of prosecution,” last week’s court minutes entry reads. “This case is hereby dismissed for want of prosecution. Any pending deadlines or hearings are stricken. Civil case terminated.”

Unfortunately for Kellz, his lawyers stepped down from this case back in April citing “ethical obligations" as their reasoning. So not only is he getting crushed in the tabloids (and rightfully so), but he can’t even win his lawsuit or collect what he’s owed.

We’ll continue to keep you posted on all the latest with Kellz moving forward.