R. Kelly's legal troubles have piled up over the past few months but even before the award-winning documentary Surviving R. Kelly debuted, he was facing a few lawsuits. A Mississippi Sheriff sued R. Kelly in 2017, claiming the singer slept with his wife and ruined his marriage. Kelly's tried to get the suit tossed but he hasn't had much luck. According to The Blast, the Sheriff is demanding a court date be set for the trial, likely due to Kelly's pending sexual assault trial.

Mike Pont/Getty Images

Kenny Bryant accused R. Kelly of ruining both his life and his marriage after having an affair with Bryant's wife. Unfortunately for Kellz and his deviant ways, Mississippi is the only state in America where one can sue a person for breaking up an affair. Bryant claims that Kelly and his wife, Asia Childress, who he married in 2012, had a relationship prior to their marriage. He explained that she told him her relationship with Kellz was over but a few months after their marriage, Kelly came back into her life. 

Bryant said the affair between Asia and Kellz went for five years and even accused the singer of giving his wife Chlamydia. Bryant is suing Kelly for ruining his marriage and depriving him of his spouse, love, support and conjugal affection. Bryant claimed he suffered emotional, psychological and financial loss due to the affair. 

Kelly demanded the suit be thrown out and said he denied having an affair with Bryant.