Things aren't looking good for R. Kelly right now and he's desperate to secure a win in his sex abuse case. Although he's maintained his innocence, not many others are buying it. His own crisis manager had to step down after saying he wouldn't leave Kelly alone with his daughter. However, Kelly is doing everything he can to come out victorious in the case. According to TMZ, Kelly met up with the criminal lawyer who famously represented Michael Jackson in the 2005 child molestation case.

Christina Barany/Getty Images

Tom Mesereau might be the lead lawyer in R. Kelly's case if everything goes according to the singer's plan. Mesereau is currently in Chicago where he met up with Kelly to discuss the singer's case. Kelly's facing dozens of sex abuse charges right now after new indictments were unsealed last month. Kelly's facing both federal and state charges in relation to alleged sex crimes he's committed. Mesereau hasn't agreed to get on the case where he would be the lead attorney. 

Mesereau does have a pretty solid success rate at this point. He got Michael Jackson acquitted in 2005 on child molestation charges. Later on, he got actor Robert Blake acquitted for the murder of his wife. 

Ultimately, the question remains whether Kelly can afford to hire such as high-profile lawyer such as Mesereau. It's not like he's able to tour.