R. Kelly is being dogged by a sex cult scandal that has rocked the headlines for the better part of a week. He's unequivocally denied all the allegations that have been attached to his name, but a new anonymous source is corroborating some those accusations.

According to TMZ, the woman in question says that the beleaguered singer met her backstage at one of his shows last December. She was only 20 years old at the time. She claims that Kelly gave her his number and they exchanged several calls and texts, and eventually he invited her to his palatial home in Georgia and supposedly told her to "wear something sexy." Although she did bring a friend for safety, things allegedly got real creepy, with phones being banned and her being escorted to Kelly's room.

The woman reportedly returned to R. Kelly's home twice more and each time the atmosphere got more and more uncomfortable, culminating in her being guilt-tripped into posing nude. According to her, they never had sex.

Kelly has not yet commented on this new set of claims.